Title of the research project:

Modern Zombie Culture and People with Disabilities

I invite English-speaking adults (age 18 and above) to participate in an electronic survey regarding modern zombie culture and people with disabilities as part of my PhD research. Your participation will contribute to a better understanding of how disability is represented in film and television and how our biases are reflected in our choices.

The survey has 22 questions and could take around 40 minutes to complete. Upon submission of the survey response, you will be entered in a raffle with a chance to win one of five gift certificates of $25.00 cnd each or currenty equivalnet.

Survey Participation:

The survey can be found at Question Pro

Further information on my study to help you decide about participating in it is available at the survey link

If you know some others who would be interested, please forward this letter or survey link to them.

Following the survey, I will conduct interviews with 10 of the survey respondents. Please let me know if you would like to be considered for taking part in the interview. Each interview participant will receive a gift certificate of $25.00 cnd or currency equivalent.

B. Anne Jackson

Ph.D. Candidate, Critical Disability Studies

York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

toomanyj @